Sleep, Eat, Workout, Repeat

About Me

Morgan | 21| Fashion Design Student| 6'0"
HW: 300
CW: 180
GW: 160

Just working on losing weight & getting fit :)



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stats: 176 lb now

SW: 258 lb

Height_: 5´4´´

It’s really hard to post this, before pictures make me cry not just about my weight or what I looked like, I was so sick of me and unhappy with myself, I wanna thank the people that supported me always when i wanted to give up, I have the most amazing boyfriend who always supported me on bad days, and now i can be really happy I can smile I can feel confident and the only thing I can tell you: It worths the effort.




Chaturanga Dandasana in my backyard while the weather is still blessing us with sunshine! Must be all my sun salutations 🙏 heh

This pose takes integrity you can always cheat yourself by just laying yourself down but correct form and moving like molasses show results SO fast! I always feel so strong as I move in slow motion.. I’ve never had “muscles” before but in this picture I can see some definition which makes me so happy!

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Celebrating a 70lb loss this week! Super proud of how far I have come and looking forward to pushing myself the rest of the way! This is not an easy goal it’s very emotional and very life changing. Takes courage and a lot of other things to accomplish tough goals. I still have a lot to drop and it gets harder the more my body gets used to my lifestyle…. But it’s possible you can do it, stay positive!! It takes time. These photos before photos were taken while I was in college after I had already started losing weight I never took a before I started photo.. I never truly believed I’d get this far… Until I had a made up mind and did.. So these are both during the process .

Just wanting to revisit this to encourage myself… Even though I jump back and fourth between the 200s and 100s I’m still working on reaching my ultimate goal no matter the setbacks. :)

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